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Johnny B Home Construction has been a BBB Accredited Business since 5/1/1995. The Bunker family has been building homes in the Green Bay surrounding areas for approximately 50 years, and has built an outstanding reputation as attested to by their many satisfied and repeat customers. The long term relationship with many of their subcontractors is further evidence of that reputation of fairness and quality. We hope that you will consider Johnny B Home Construction when you’re making the decision as to who will build the next home of your dreams.

Throughout the 20 year history of our company, Johnny B Home Construction, there have been a number of changes in home styles and trends, but three things have remained constant.

  • #1 is the quality of the craftsmanship and materials that goes into every home built by Johnny B Home Construction.
  • #2 is the strong relationship with our sub-contractors and suppliers, many of whom are considered to be “Preferred Vendors” and have been associated with our company from its beginning and are featured in this website.
  • #3 is the “family feeling” that customers receive when they purchase a home from us.

At Johnny B Home Contruction we start with a better way of pouring our foundations.  Our foundation subcontractor uses a state of the art Auto CAD system ensuring the accuracy of the plan, meeting with us to review all aspects of the plan, including measurements, windows, and beam pockets etc. and the plan is then reviewed before any construction of the foundation begins.

We use form-a-drain which is permanently installed as a combination footing form system and a foundation drainage system.  This ensures that the drain which is on the inside as well as the outside of the foundation will not get crushed or move when the soil is returned around the foundation.

Our basement floors are poured monolithically 4″ thick with control joints (a specially shaped nonabsorbent, expanded rubber strip seal) in place to prevent destructive cracking in the masonry from temperature changes and drying, shrinkage and settling of foundation.  We use a sealed sump pump pit to reduce the chances of harmful gases such as radon from entering our homes.

At Johnny B. Home Construction in all of our homes we use a FLOOR TRUSS SYSTEM over other floor systems available such as an I joist or a 2 x 10 floor joist.  Floor trusses have several advantages: the first being it allows us to align the webs in the floor trusses so that many of the heating ducts, plumbing and electrical work can be run through the trusses allowing the homeowner to finish off a larger part of the basement with an 8′ ceiling so that their basement feels more like an extension of the main level of their home.  Second, it reduces deflection in the floors reducing the likelihood of squeaks in the floors and increases the structural integrity of the home.

At Johnny B. Home Construction we use LP Top Notch OSB tongue and groove flooring that is designed to quickly drain away surface water, protecting our investment in materials and labor.  This product also features an advanced edge coating that reduces water absorption and significantly improves moisture tolerance.

At Johnny B. Home Construction we use  Anderson which offer the beauty of wood inside and give you the benefits of the durability of vinyl as only the sash and the exterior frame is vinyl.  They also feature a 20/20 warranty, 20 year warranty on the glass as well as a 20 year warranty on the product over all giving you piece of mind for years to come.

At Johnny B. Home Construction we use Landmark 30 Year dimensionalpremium brand shingles on all of our homes.  Our supplier’s choice is Landmark by Certainty because they have the fewest number of call backs compared to other manufactures and when they do have a callback or an issue they are always right there and stand behind their product.  We also use ice and water shield in all of the valleys on the roof and then place pre-formed valley tin over the ice and water shield before the shingles are installed insuring the water goes down the valley.

At Johnny B. Home Construction we use Owens Corning Brand R-19 Batt insulation in the outside walls and knee walls, an R-50 blown in insulation in the flat and cathedral ceilings, and 3″ of R-20 surface foam insulation in the basement box sills over regular fiberglass insulation.


Starting with our free consultations and estimate through our complete one year warranty we take the time to listen to our customers’ needs and concerns.


Attention to detail from our qualified staff and experienced sub-contractors is essential.  Johnny B. Home Construction has long standing trade relationships stretching decades and generations ensuring a superior, consistent product delivered in a timely manner.


The Bunker family has dedicated themselves to the construction industry for over 50 years building homes in Green Bay and the surrounding area.